Co2 Emissions 2020

WETAC is ongoing searching for improvements with our plants, suppliers and transport companies to reduce Co2.

Based on critical but positive exchanges of mutual experiences, we can see a reduction of Co2 since we started monitoring in 2018.

Improvements have been realized by our factories and suppliers by investments and improvement of their processes. For example: the diesel forklifts have been replaced by electric trucks at the factories.

We work together with the best freight companies whom policy is:
Supports sustainable business. These companies cooperate according a wide GoGreen program. These programs outlines initiatives to achieve specific goals such as dramatic emissions reduction and increasing the use of alternative fuels and energy. We fully support the new regulation and welcome that the industry has taken a turn toward a greener future.

Based on transport from the harbor we continuous discuss how to transfer our containers to our warehouses within Europe. It might be easy and quick to you go by truck but we always aim to transport our containers by train or inland vessel to reduce Co2.

WETAC will continue setting up goals and targets to achieve a reduction of Co2 emissions and share these improvements.