It is the policy of Wetac Battery Company, that its employees and board members uphold the highest standards of ethical and professional behaviour.  To that end these employees and board members, shall dedicate themselves to carrying out the work of this company and shall

  • Hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public in the performance of their work
  • Act in such a manner as to uphold and enhance personal and professional honour and integrity and the dignity of the company.
  • Treat with respect and consideration all persons, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, maternity, marital or family status, disability, age or national origin.
  • Engage in carrying out Wetac International B.V. work in a professional manner.
  • Collaborate with and support other professionals in carrying out this work.
  • Build professional reputations on the merit of services and refrain from competing unfairly with others.  To this end no employee shall, in violation of any applicable law, offer or make directly or indirectly through any other person or firm, any payment of anything of value (in the form of compensation, gift, contribution or otherwise) to any person or firm employed by or acting for or on behalf of any customer, for the purpose of inducing or rewarding any favourable action by the customer in any commercial transaction.  Nor shall any employee accept any such payment, inducement or reward from any supplier.
  • Conduct themselves with competence, fairness, impartiality, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Conduct organisational and operational duties with positive leadership exemplified in open communication, creativity, dedication and compassion.
  • Demonstrate the highest standards of personal integrity, truthfulness, honesty and fortitude in all activities in order to inspire confidence and trust in such work.
  • Avoid any interest or activity that is in conflict with the conduct of their work.
  • Respect and protect privileged information to which they have access in the course of their official duties.
  • Strive for personal and professional excellence and encourage the professional development of others.

Nice to know: 9th of December it is International Anti-Coruption Day